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Introducing Me

Updated: Apr 9

Hi, I’m Jessica and I'm the latest addition to the C A Dyer Accounts & Bookkeeping team! By the time this is posted I will have completed my first month working for the company so I thought it was about time to introduce myself and talk about how it's all been so far.

A bit about me.

I grew up in a lovely village near Ely with my parents and 3 siblings, whilst going to school in Cambridge, so I have been spoiled with all varieties of Cambridgeshire scenery from the City to the Fens. Though I will always love the landscape here, I have always been a girl of 2 hearts: one half in Cambridge, the other 350 miles away in Cornwall where my family and I have spent our summer holidays almost every year.

In 2017 I moved to St Ives, Cornwall with my job and spent 5 years living my dream life by the sea, with Cornish pasties and cream teas galore!

As fabulous as this was, after the lockdowns and events of 2020, I realised that being 350 miles away from my immediate family was a little bit further than I would realistically like. I moved back up to Cambridge in the summer of 2022 with a new plan for my career and my next holiday back down to Cornwall already in the diary..

My career.

When I finished 6th form, I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I was headed, so I decided not to go to university at the time. I got a job in a retail company whose ethos really stood out to me, and I also spent some time travelling across Europe. Once I'd returned from my travels I decided to make something of my retail career, as I loved the customer facing elements and the business analysis side too, so I quickly made my way into management roles and worked in multiple stores across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire before my journey down South.

By 2021 I felt my retail career had reached its peak and I wanted to try my hand at something new. I researched many different prospects and my interest piqued with Accounting, with many of the aspects of my role at the time connecting to it. From there I found a place to study my AAT qualifications and a new job in Cambridgeshire that would support my studying alongside it.

After becoming part qualified I wanted to find a new role to gain accounting experience and found Craig's advertisement online. We met for an interview and ended up talking for hours as we got on so well.

For me, it was an easy decision that it would be the right fit and I was really motivated and inspired by the way Craig handles the business, with the same core values I carry through my life. Luckily it seems he agreed and offered me the position!

First impressions

Since being a part of the C A Dyer Accounts & Bookkeeping team, I've been made to feel so welcome by everyone. My first week started off with all the induction, set up, and training imaginable, which was made completely manageable and achievable with a great plan and flexible structure in place (plus an ice cream or two on the extremely hot days!).

Since then I've worked with, spoken to and met some of our fantastic clients and can’t wait to continue building our relationship with them.

I have read up on and witnessed so many things, like the company values: Grow, Give, Guide, come to life first hand and all of this has made me confident that taking on this role was the right decision.

I can't wait to continue to grow with the company, and complete my studies to become a fully qualified accountant alongside it too, maximising what I can offer and bring to the team.

It's been an amazing first month here and I'm looking forward see how my future with the business unfolds.

Until the next update!

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