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Sustainable Future & Food!

Sustainability is part of our GROW Key Value at C A Dyer Accounts & Bookkeeping, so what better way to ensure a we are doing our part by combining 2 of Craig's loves, Environment & Food.

Over the coming months we will be releasing sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly recipes, some from us and some from our clients!

The first recipe will be one of Craig's favorites to cook - Its easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

Why would an accountancy firm be doing this we her you ask?

Well, as part of our Key Values and vision, we are working towards making our business as sustainable for the future as possible, and encouraging our clients to do the same.

An easy and manageable way of doing this is by taking more care of what you eat and where it comes from.

This stems from a love of growing and eating our own vegetables and fruit from the garden, and trying to teach George & Ella (Craig's kiddies) the importance of good food and where it comes from and the impact it has.

Craig's recent visit back home to Cornwall, and taking the kids to the Eden Project reinvigorated his passion for such things.

So we will be releasing a series of healthy and environmentally friendly recipes over the coming months to help people make better choices for the planet and a healthier lifestyle to boot.

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