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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

It's been a very busy Easter period for several reasons, finally completing my Budgeting exam that was long overdue, beginning my 70.3 Ironman training programme, having some time away in Norfolk with the family following the Covid-19 rule changes, and on-boarding 3 new clients out of no-where! :)

Upon returning from my exam I had contact from 2 local prospective clients who are looking for a local bookkeeper to support there businesses.

The timing was perfect as I as looking to take on a couple extra clients at the start of the tax year. Both have since become clients and work has begun.

Working with local businesses is such a thrill! Knowing that everything I do helps and supports small local businesses and the people associated with them is a strong driving force for me and one of the main reasons I run this business.

I am always looking to take on small local clients, and where possible offer work at a very reduced or zero charge depending on the size. Last year I offered to support micro businesses at the Old Isleworth Market at Shrewsbury Walk, and am doing the same again this year for the 20/21 Tax Year.

I have loved forming relationships with local clients and it gives a very real sense of a continuation of purpose for me since my change of profession from teaching. Support in the local community it such an important element in today's society in many aspects, especially given changes we have all adopted since the pandemic began over a year ago., so I am very proud that I am able to do my part in our local community.

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