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Hello there!

Hello, my name is Ceylon and I have recently joined the team at C A Dyer Bookkeeping & Accounts. I have been here a few weeks so far and I am learning a lot along the way. It is probably time I introduce myself and tell you a bit about me.

I grew up in a small town in Suffolk with my family which has expanded a lot in recent years with nieces and nephews! My Step Dad ran his own clothing shop over the last 25 years, alongside my Mum, so I've grown up around a family run business. Watching this process definitely played a role in my interest in Accountancy.

I centred my learning at school and 6th form around Business/Finance studies & Mathematics. I also had a week of work experience at an accountancy firm which only solidified my decision in a career path.

In 2016 I finished 6th form and managed to bag myself an Apprenticeship at the firm I did my work experience, which was a huge win for 18 year old me. I studied and completed my Level 3 AAT there which introduced me into the big world of work. I stayed here for 2 years and in 2018 I moved into a different career path due to a personal life choice. It was at this job that I actually met my partner, Ross, and went on to have 2 beautiful children, Billie & Bobby.

I am a coffee addict with a love for baking and reading which has only been exacerbated since having children, although I definitely drink more coffee nowadays. Having 2 under 2 was such a journey (the good and the crazy) but I feel like they are both at an age where I can start to concentrate a little on myself again.

I applied for the position of Bookkeeper and had a few chats with both Craig & Jess regarding this. It was such a breath of fresh air to hear about the values of the business which are strongly imprinted into the core of the company. I was so excited at the possibility of working with them and fortunately I was offered the position!

I am currently in my third week on the team at C A Dyer Accounts & Bookkeeping and they have been nothing short of friendly, funny and welcoming. I had a well thought out induction process which was given to me so I knew what I was doing for the first few days. This helped me with those first day nerves!

So far I have met some of the amazing clients, completed some training and had lots of laughs and cheeky snacks too. We have had lots of discussions about the company and our values, Give, Grow, Guide, which resonates so much with who I am as a person.

I am so excited to continue growing alongside the business and complete my Level 4 AAT in the not too distant future.

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